Adam Brancher

Adam Brancher

Principal Marine Surveyor,
Head Blue Economy ADEC Innovations, Founder

Adam leads the global Blue Economy assurance and innovation team at ADEC Kedge, Southern Ocean Carbon, and ADEC Innovations where he applies his 25 years of extensive marine and commercial experience to improving ocean stewardship.

Adam’s maritime journey began on Arbella, his family’s 36′ wooden yawl, sailing along the eastern seaboard of America. After serving in the military and a series of maritime positions across Europe, Africa, and the Indian Ocean, he pursued higher education, earning a 1st Class Honors Degree majoring in Yacht Manufacturing and Surveying. His dedication to continuous professional growth led him to obtain a Post Graduate Certificate in Marine Engineering.

Prior to relocating to Tasmania and founding Kedge Pty Ltd, Adam contributed his expertise to the South Australian Department of Transport where he served as the Principal Marine Surveyor, and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), where he held technical and managerial roles within the Domestic Vessel Division, Vessel Safety Unit, and DV Standards AMSA.

Adam is an AMSA Accredited Marine Surveyor for Domestic Commercial vessels and holds deemed registration from Maritime NZ, allowing him to survey commercial vessels operating in and traveling to New Zealand. Firmly dedicated to the industry, Adam is a Fellow and former President of the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS), where he represented nearly 1,000 surveyors spanning 90 countries worldwide.

Since joining the ADEC Innovations group of companies in 2022, Adam serves as Head of Blue Economy Solutions where he applies his 25 years of extensive knowledge and expertise to improving ocean stewardship.

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