Practical Rules for safely De-carbonizing the Commercial Vessel and Shipping Fleet

As part of ADEC Kedge’s commitment towards a more sustainable future for the Australian commercial maritime industries, we have established AusClass, a domestic classification society aimed at servicing the Australian commercial fleet.

The objective of AusClass is to introduce innovative standards and regulations designed to encompass future fuel technologies. This initiative will provide intelligence and competitive advantages to vessel owners considering the conversion or construction of ships equipped with alternative propulsion systems.

Established by ADEC Kedge in 2019 to introduce innovative standards and regulations for future fuel technologies, AusClass aims to become an Australian Flag Recognized Organization. A process run by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), consultations are now underway on the ruleset. These Rules will offer a clear process for the decarbonization of shipping, with greater specificity and guidance than the current set of Class Rules. While AusClass will initially focus on Australian vessels, we plan to extend our capabilities to neighboring countries as the society grows.

By 2035 AusClass aims to have 50% of the eligible vessels in Australia in our care.

Our Goal

  • Evolve the current code of practice for vessel regulation with alternative propulsion systems.
  • Align alternative propulsion vessels with streamlined safe regulations for domestic commercial vessels.
  • Progress Australia into a low emissions future while maintaining financial responsibility.

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