4-Day Dry Dock Training in Hobart, Tasmania, April 9-12 2024

ADEC Kedge is hosting a Dry Dock Training in collaboration with training provider DM Consulting.

Is your crew in need of further training in dry docking operations?


We are hosting a Dry Dock Training at ADEC Kedge in Hobart, Tasmania, from 9th-12th April 2024.

This course provides trainees of all types with in-depth technical guidance on the process of dry-docking ships and vessels.

During this course, trainees will learn the basic principles and safety protocols of dry docking, then progress through all phases of dry-docking: preparation and planning, dry-docking, lay period, and un-docking. The course ends with a discussion of past accidents and how they could have been prevented.


Find out more and register here.


This year’s presenter for our Hobart Dry Dock Training: Alex Stiglich.


Alex Stiglich is the co-owner of DM Consulting, recognized worldwide as a leading authority on the drydocking of ships and vessels.

Alex is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and brings over a decade of experience in the drydocking industry. As a skilled Dock Master, Alex has managed drydocking operations for Navy, Coast Guard, and commercial ships internationally. His expertise spans various drydocking platforms, including graving docks, floating dry docks, travel lifts, vertical lifts, marine railways, and heavy lifts.

In addition to his engineering role, Alex has been instructing Dry Dock Training courses for over five years, catering to diverse audiences in the US and internationally.


In a recent interview, Alex stated: “from a training industry perspective, we see that very specifically where there is an accident, people will enrol in our course right after, unfortunately that’s how it happens.”


Stay ahead of potential maritime mishaps by booking your team in for the Hobart Dry Dock Training!


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