ADEC Kedge Expands Marine ESG-Solutions

ADEC Kedge's maritime ESG consultancy expands its capabilities with the addition of new team members.

ADEC Kedge’s maritime ESG consultancy capability has recently been boosted by additional staff coming on board with particular expertise in the various elements. The term ‘Consultancy’ is one that can send shudders up the bravest of us- the MD had a great boss who used to describe consultants as ‘people who borrowed your watch, then told you the time’! We don’t do that. If you use us for any ESG matter, consultancy or otherwise, you immediately gain access to insights and contacts and systems that would otherwise take years to acquire, empowering you with peace of mind and a quick path to where you hope to be going.


By way of example, we don’t just ‘consult’ on marine oil spill responses; we have actively done work on this ourselves. We finished a complex local spill response last Friday. We don’t just consult on P&I response/governance. We do this for international clients. In the last few months we completed a 6-month operation that involved environmental challenges, engineering challenges, and the need to engage with key stakeholders that was recently granted a prestigious award. The list goes on.


We are, every day, quietly and competently working with a number of major clients who recognise the value of transparent ESG compliance, and we would love to look at your needs and assist if we may.


Call Adam Brancher on 0061 417 544 339 for a no obligation discussion.

Critical Guidance When You Need It

The ADEC Kedge team has a broad range of expertise and is always ready to respond to our customers’ needs. We have a worldwide network of colleagues and correspondents and can get the right people and resources to you whenever they are needed. Please call at any time and one of our friendly expert staff will be happy to assist.