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Devonport, Tasmania, Australia
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Marine Insurance Emergency Response

In January 2022, the cement carrier Goliath collided with the tugboat York Cove while maneuvering on the Mersey River within the Port of Devonport. At the time the York Cove was berthed against the Campell Cove which, in turn, was berthed against the wharf. Both tugs were unoccupied and sank rapidly following the impact while still secured to the wharf.

ADEC Kedge staff were onsite for the P&I insurers, and carried out onsite assurance during various stages of the oil spill cleanup, wreck recovery, and transport of the sunken vessels to disposal interstate. ADEC Kedge’s team managed cost and quality control, stability assessments during phase, and demolition advice, including asbestos removal risk quantification.






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