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Oil Spill & Disaster Response

In October 2022, moored ex-tugboat  Cape Bruny sank on its mooring in the River Tamar near Launceston, Tasmania. The tug was tied up next to the derelict former ferry Harry O’ May. Both were secured to the bank and each other using steel hawsers and rope. Oil and oily residue were detected escaping from the tug, which had an unknown quantity of hydrocarbons on board. The sunken tug settled onto the river bottom and remained there through tide cycles. The larger ferry remained afloat, moving with wind, currents, and tides, posing a risk that on a falling tide the tug could punch a hole in the ferry and create a much larger oil spill.

ADEC Kedge was engaged by the EPA to assess the situation and provide practical support and management services to adequately contain and remove the hydrocarbons onboard and in the water surrounding the two vessels.

Professional collaboration with the EPA and other engaged subcontractors ensured a safe and successful oil spill operation in a dynamic and challenging environment. ADEC Kedge successfully removed 17000l of contaminated diesel and wastewater containing oil from the vessels and the surrounding waters.

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